Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I've been meaning to do this forever. I thought long and hard about creating an online personality who would be a puppet that I could hide behind and have spout all sorts of outrageous comments. After consulting with friends, colleagues and my conscience, I decided that having an avatar is for cowards. So this blog will be a little less fun, dirty and mean-spirited but 100% braver. Here's a mission statement: To call B.S. on things (mostly pertaining to classical music but also to the arts in general...ahhhh, the hell with it, EVERYTHING is fair game) . To post images and links to things that are good. If it's taken me 3 years to get around to writing one post, who knows how long it will take to do another one. I plan on getting busier with life so I'm applying about the same expectations that I have for how soon the next issue of Optic Nerve will come out.
I promise to try and filter out some of the crap you have to read.
Max Mandel
The Invectivator

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